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The Christian Testimony
Through The Ages

By - T. W. Carron

Innumerable books have been written on the history of the Church, and it might seem that another is superfluous. Most of these works, however, are out of print and many are difficult to obtain. This books contains the whole history within it's covers in a brief, but complete manner. The chapters are short and easy to read. The writer felt that this profitable and interesting subject should be presented in a condensed form that has been welcomed by many. It is a Perfect bound (softcover) book. Page size is 5.5" X 8.5", 432 pages including the Index.

$ 15.00


The Holy Bible - Darby Translation

Here is what Mr. Darby in 1871 had to say about it, "In the issue of this translation, the purpose is not to offer to the man of letters a learned work, but rather to provide the simple and unlearned reader with as exact a translation as possible… All who have labored in this field know that in many passages even the most learned men are embarrassed; since a language so ancient, quite different in construction, and in form of thought from any modern one, must of course present difficulties in translation. But in these cases, as indeed altogether, we can conscientiously say we have worked carefully and prayerfully. In such passages, especially where able Hebraists have erred, and respecting which differences of opinion always continue to assert themselves, we do not pretend to have rendered the original text without fault; but we hope we can present the whole to the simple reader in a form both exact and intelligible. That is our object."

It is 4" X 6" and contains 1510 pages, Perfect bound (softcover) with imitation leather cover, printed on Acid Free high quality paper.

$ 15.95


Raising The Level - N. T. Meek

Mr. Meek was an able minister of the Gospel for many years. As his name so he was, very meek yet uncompromising when it came to the Truth as presented in Scripture. Here are some sample articles:

   The Fear of God
   Christ Apprehended and Christ Formed
   Assembly Conditions
   Persons the Lord Identifies Himself with
   The Blessing That Comes From Accepting Divine Ordering

It is 5" X 7.5" and contains 562 pages, in a sewn hardcover edition.

$ 10.00


The Gospel --
As found in the Epistle to the Romans
W.M.Dunnett, PhD.

To one who may be confronting the text of Romans for the first time, it is hoped that this running commentary will open up the kernel of Paul's thoughts, and make clear the basic message which is contained in this epistle.

It is 5.5" X 8.5" and contains 80 pages, in a softcover (Perfect) binding.

$ 8.95


Then and Now -
Studies in Daniel and Revelation
W.M.Dunnett, PhD.

Join together with the many before you, who over the centuries have read, pondered, interpreted and sought to apply the messages of the Bible to their own lives. In whatever age one lives, there is always a word for that day, and a hope for the future. to this end this book was written.

It is 5.5" X 8.5" and contains 310pages, in a softcover (Perfect) binding.

$ 19.95

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